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How can MPS help my business?

With our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry, we are here to support you in regaining control over this complex, yet essential, aspect of your business. Our mission is to empower you by providing transparent and fair solutions that align with your needs and goals. By offering guidance, personalized recommendations, and access to reliable resources, we aim to level the playing field and ensure that you have the tools to navigate the payment processing landscape confidently.

How does it work?

Step 1: We collect a small amount of information pertaining to your business, while ensuring strict confidentiality. The information you provide to us will not be shared or sold. We use this information only in negotiations with the processors.

Step 2: After reviewing your information, various processing companies compete against each other to offer you their best possible rates. Essentially, we go to auction with your business. Long gone are the days when you are at the mercy of the processing companies.

Step 3: We screen the contracts and select the best offer that maximizes savings and profitability based off of your goals and industry type. Since we work for you, we ensure no hidden fees and 100% transparency

Why do we do what we do?

We understand the challenges faced by small business owners when it comes to payment processing. That is why our business was founded. We recognized the prevalent issue of processing companies taking advantage of small businesses, which can have a significant impact on their financial stability and growth. We believe that every business owner deserves the opportunity to thrive without being exploited or burdened by unfair practices. Through our expertise and commitment to your success, we strive to create a positive and empowering experience, enabling you to focus on what truly matters: the growth and prosperity of your business.

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